EDIT as Arduino IDE 1.6.5 is out use this one instead of the nightly

How we got here
As you may know the Arduino IDE introduced the boards manager in arduino IDE 1.6.2 which also introduced an incompatibility with the Arduino eclipse plugin.
Moreover the Arduino ide core team had to provide extra functionality to allow the Arduino eclipse plugin to continue working.
They did so in the current hourly so this will be part of the next arduino ide release (1.6.5). smiley This is cool as it shows the importance of the Arduino eclipse plugin in the Arduino community.
This also means that the current hourly build of the arduino IDE contains “untested” code and the arduino eclipse plugin also contains untested code in relation to the boards manager.

The current situation
I had made quite some changes to the arduino eclipse plugin so it is very likely that issues will appear. I’m currently using the hourly arduino IDE for my work under linux and I’m looking for tester/users to use the arduino IDE hourly together with the arduino eclipse plugin nightly.
!!!!Yes the Arduino IDE hourly. I do not support the Arduino hourly IDE so this is an exception case for testing only!!!!

I don’t expect windows and mac users will be able to get it running smiley so I would like some arduino eclipse plugin experienced users, who know how it should work and if possible can provide a pull request.

What needs to be done?
Due to the nature of the change testing is needed for boards installed via the boards manager (like the due) and boards installed with the Arduino IDE.
Both compilation and upload should be tested on all OS’es.
If you pla to use an existing workspace: do not forget to do the update procedure. Both the arduino IDE and project properties are needed.

reporting of failure is important but reporting of success is even more important.
In case of success please report as follows:
[OS] [os version] [BOARDS] compile and upload OK
The arduino IDE version and arduino eclipse plugin version are not relevant as it is hourly and nightly.
please report at this github issue
If it fails report as detailed as possible (most detailed = pull request) on the same github issue.

thanks jantje.