We have come a long way with the Arduino eclipse plugin since it started in 2011.
What we now call V1 was based on the AVR plugin and used the Arduino IDE install. You may remember there was a project for each board you used and one for each sketch you had. It supported the Arduino IDE 0.X and 1.X versions. We were excited that it just worked in eclipse. Those days are long gone now.

V2 was a major improvement. We broke with the AVR plugin*. We also put the Arduino core and your sketch in 1 project. It was a huge improvement at the level of configuration and usability. We added lots of oher features to go from it works to it work nicely.

Now V3 (nicknamed toddler) is even going further.
No need for a Arduino IDE anymore for toddler. Install the toddler product; it will download the Arduino AVR boards and toolchains and you can run. Fully auto configured. And lots of other features that make the experience nice an easy.

Och I hear you think: “The Arduino AVR boards only?”
No no no. We have added a boardsmanager to the arduino eclipse plugin and tested it with a bunch of json files. Most of them compiled. Due to lack of hardware we could not test the upload. If it doesn’t work send us a issue on github and the hardware and we’ll fix it. If it works: let us know here or even better on twitter @Arduino_jantje.
The Arduino eclipse plugin -just like the Arduino IDE- is no longer a Arduino/Teensy only IDE. More and more people add json files for other hardware. As such the Arduino in Arduino eclipse plugin is more and more a misfit. But do we really want to change the name?

To get you started quickly with Toddler we made a couple of video’s to get you started.
Here is number one : New and noteworthy: “Single instal**”
Next week video number 2.
Best regards

*As such making it possible to run the AVR eclipse plugin next to the Arduino Eclipse plugin.
**instal=install in British English.